12 May 2012

40s Inspired Jumper with Lace Collar

Here’s something else that I’ve had hanging around for ages and have really needed to finish off.  All that needed doing was for me to block the collar as it was rather curly but it had been laying on my table awaiting action for at least a month.  Having got back into my blogging a bit more over the past week or two I’ve finally felt motivated to get it finished. 
The jumper and collar combo has been put together myself using two separate patterns from a book I bought quite recently called Knitting Vintage, by Claire Montgomerie.  This is a lovely book of vintage inspired styles but the patterns have been helpfully designed to work with modern yarns.  This is great as there are a lot of lovely 40s patterns around that I’ve looked at for short sleeved jumpers but they often work with 4 ply and sometimes even 3 ply yarns, which not only would take me almost forever to knit into a jumper, it’s pretty hard to come by these days.   The book is divided into sections by decade, starting with the twenties and going right through to the eighties with patterns for various items of women's clothing and accessories.  I got the book for the bargain price of £4.99 and there are several patterns I'd like to try so all in all it was a great buy. 

The jumper pattern I used was suitable for any double knit yarn and I have used Paton’s Smoothie in a teal blue colour.  The original pattern has a textured yoke around the top of the jumper but because I wanted to add the lace collar I worked up the whole piece in stocking stitch to keep it plain.  Fortunately this doesn't seem to have had any negative outcome on the final shape of the piece.  The book also has a pattern for a coordinating cardigan as it was designed as a twinset which is also rather lovely.  For my pullover I added an extra inch in length to the ribbed section at the bottom as I didn’t want it showing off my midriff as quite a lot of jumpers seem to do.  Actually if I were to make it again I would add an extra two or three inches because it’s still a little shorter than I would prefer but with a high waisted skirt it will look great. 
For the collar I followed the pattern in the book and once again used Paton’s Smoothie yarn in cream.  I’ve used a pearl button to complete the look.  The collar itself has the appearance of crochet but it’s actually knitted on straight needles.  This was a new technique to me but was a lot simpler than I initially thought it would be.  

I hope I get lots of wear out of my new jumper and I'm feeling pleased with myself that I've finally managed to finish it off and get it to a wearable stage.  I think I'm finally starting to feel back to my usual crafty self after being a bit out of sorts for a few weeks.  I've started another piece of woolly wall art today and have had my oil paints out which has been good fun.  Annoyingly I now have to wait for that to dry before I can start the next phase so I shall just have to start on something else in the meantime. 


  1. what a beauty, it looks really nice..
    have a great weekend,
    Christa from Switzerland

  2. Looks gorgeous, love your blog btw :)

  3. Just discovered your blog, very cute. I love it. This jumper is so lovely, the collar looks very complicated! I noticed your from Norwich, I live near Holt. What a small world. Anyway, thrilled to be your newest follower. Love Katie xx