13 February 2013

Homemade Pasta

Several years ago I picked up a pasta machine in a charity shop for £5.  It was a genuine Italian Imperia machine so I could not bring myself to leave the shop without it.  It then spent several years sat on the kitchen counter looking professional but achieving nothing.  Best laid plans and all I somehow never got around to putting it to use. 

On a damp Sunday afternoon a with time on my hands a couple of months ago I decided it was high time I put the machine to good use.  I used this recipe for vegan pasta, coloured a beautiful yellow colour by the addition of turmeric.  

It was rather time consuming so it's not something I would recommend for a week day but it's definitely a relaxing and fun way to spend a quiet afternoon.  Indeed it took me back to my youth and playing with Play-Doh Fun Factory:
I never actually owned this myself but remember being very envious of it while at friends' houses.  I had the Mop Top Hair Shop which was of course equally entertaining but my love of food always put the fun factory slightly ahead of that for me. 
For me homemade pasta was therefore Play-Doh for grown ups with the added bonus of being able to eat it at the end (lets ignore the Play-Doh sampling that took place in my childhood - it smelled so good, I had to taste it too...).  I served the pasta with this sauce.  It was truly delicious and writing about it here is making me think I must make pasta again soon.  


  1. Aah the joy of cleaning out play-doh from all the little holes once it's gone hard...
    I had the hair one too, great fun. I've only ever used a pasta machine with fimo - I was attempting to make jewellery of all things (at a craft group). It was massively over complicated - I'd have preferred to make pasta with it!

  2. I love how making homemade pasta could be compared to Play-Doh. I love this. I imagine that homemade pasta is so worth the extra effort.